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Snapchat has launched a version of ChatGPT inside the app and it’s wild

Users have specifically been asked not to reveal their secrets looool

Snapchat has come forward and introduced its very own AI ChatGPT feature in order to keep up with the trend. ChatGPT has proved itself useful for pretty much everything in life from writing uni essays and even filling out dating profile prompts so it makes sense it has made its way over to Snapchat.

Here’s everything we know about the new AI feature on Snapchat.

How do I get the AI feature on Snapchat?

Unfortunately, AI can only be used by Snapchat Plus users. So to get access to Snapchat’s AI feature you will have to be a Snapchat Plus subscriber. However the Snapchat CEO says he hopes the feature can soon be rolled out to all users across the platform.

The new feature is set to launch this week and is only experimental. The app will record how the AI interacts with users and will then use this date to make appropriate updates for the future.

How does Snapchat AI work?

The official name for this is My AI and it’s essentially a chatbot friend who is there to answer your questions and give you real life solutions – very close to ChatGPT.

Snapchat notes: “My AI can recommend birthday gift ideas for your BFF, plan a hiking trip for a long weekend, suggest a recipe for dinner, or even write a haiku about cheese for your cheddar-obsessed pal. Make My AI your own by giving it a name and customising the wallpaper for your chat.”

However Snapchat developers have also announced there might be a few “deficiencies” as the AI is new. Users have been advised not to share any secrets with My AI and do not rely on it for advice.

Here’s how you can subscribe to Snapchat Plus

• Open up the app

• Go to your Snapchat profile

• Tap on the Snapchat+ banner card at the top

• Choose a subscription to start your 7-day free trial

• It costs £3.49 per month or £29.99 for the full year

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