So, who are General G and Hstikkytokky and why are they beefing right now?

‘And they call me the general, hopped out the Lambo feeling incredible’

I think one of TikTok’s greatest gifts is allowing very normal people to become social media influencers and them providing the best form of entertainment on the app. We’ve seen it happen with Cal the dragon, Luke Bennet, Chef Dave, Nana Bea, Simple Simon, DaddyMayCooks and now it’s happening to General G and Hstikkytokky. People are so obsessed with British creators that they don’t change their daily life for clicks, it’s the best form of reality telly.

Here’s everything you need to know about the rise of General G, Hstikkytokky and why they’re suddenly beefing after being friends and dropping music together.

Who is General G? Aka, The General

General G is a British content creator who grew his following from TikTok. His real name is George Elliot and General G was coined by Hstikkytokky’s mum when they were trying to come up with a stage name for him. He also goes by The General.

His interactions with Hstikkytokky stemmed from his recycling videos from Hstikkytokky and his friend Ed Matthews with funny captions. This then led to The General and Hstikkytokky going on live chats together.

Who is Hstikkytokky?

Hstikkytokky is like a hybrid between Tom Birchy and Ed Matthews. He’s a 21-year-old British fitness influencer who is reportedly studying at the University of Birmingham. Aside from his presence on social media, he keeps things very quiet online about his personal and family life.

Hstikkytokky’s real name is Harrison Sullivan and by the looks of his Instagram, he started to get into fitness around the age of 16. He’s known online for constantly having beef with other creators on the app such as Simple Simon. Right now on Instagram he has over 620,00 followers

Last year he used to be best friends with Ed Matthews who headlined a boxing event against Simple Simon on 16th July 2022. According to ShowBix Corner, Hstikkytokky’s net worth is believed to be around £278,000.

Wait, why are they currently beefing then?

Hstikkytokky brought General G out to Dubai with him in a series called Dubai Takeover, which shows what the two get up to and their attempt at break into the music industry. On 20th April this year, the pair released a song together called Twust and it has taken TikTok by storm.

However since their song dropping, things haven’t been too great for the pair and recently it would appear to fans they have fallen out after The General found a girl he fancied sat on Hstikkytokky’s lap in their Dubai apartment.

The General was devastated and Hstikkytokky revealed General G left the apartment super quickly and all the designer gear he had bought for him, including a £3,000 pair of trainers. Hstikkytokky went live on TikTok following his bust up with The General and said: “It’s been a chaotic night, I’m not going to lie. I thought General had left the yard to go to the supermarket and Alexis was sat on me in the front room and General walked in and lost his f*cking head.”

Hstikkytokky continued: “I don’t see how we can be mates. I feel bad for doing it, I’m not going to lie…I feel snakey for doing it.”

Hstikkytokky said he spent £16,000 on The General but General G doesn’t seem to care after Hstikkytokky “snaked a brother.”

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