Facebook Messenger is launching its own version of BeReal and it’s called Roll Call

Nothing will ever beat BeReal soz x

Meta is skating on thin ice recently after introducing a paid subscription for Twitter and now users are being introduced to Roll Call, a take on BeReal.

Developers at Meta are reportedly testing a new feature for Facebook Messenger that asks members of a group chat to quickly send photos via their front and back cameras. It’s very similar to BeReal, which prompts users to take an unfiltered picture every day using both cameras simultaneously. Here’s everything we know about it including when it’s reportedly being rolled out.

Details about the Roll Call feature were leaked on social media

Social media analyst Matt Navarra leaked Roll Call on Twitter recently shortly after Instagram and TikTok both launched their own version of BeReal.

Meta spokesperson Liz Sweeney has said that for now, Roll Call is an “internal prototype, and not testing externally,”she told The Verge.

Roll Call will allow Messenger users to create and send custom prompts, such as “show me your dinner,” to a group chat they’re in. Then all members have five minutes to respond to the prompt with their own set of images or videos and a countdown clock is added to the chat. Similarly to BeReal, only those who share their Roll Call will be able to view others. Members can also unsend responses if they’re not happy with them. It’s giving BeReal to be honest, but the only difference is that I guess users send the notification themselves rather than Meta dishing it out for everyone at the same time.

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