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Colleen Ballinger subscriber count

In the last month, Colleen Ballinger has lost over 110,000 subscribers on YouTube

The release date for Toxic Gossip Train was a dark day for her sub count

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, aka Miranda Sings, has lost over 110,000 subscribers in the last month on YouTube following serious allegations of grooming and bullying against her fan base.

In June alone, Colleen Ballinger lost over 80,000 subscribers. The bulk of this number fell on 28th June when she released Toxic Gossip Train on YouTuber. Her ten minute apology song has had over 11 million views and the view to dislike ratio was abysmal before it was made private which should be enough proof for just how bad it is.

Ballinger was accused of grooming, manipulating and bullying underage fans. These allegations first arose in 2020 when a former fan, Adam McIntyre released a video on YouTube calling out her behaviour. In his original video, Adam described Ballinger’s behaviour as toxic and inappropriate. He was initially met with backlash as fans of Colleen Ballinger came forward to defend her. However, with more information coming to light, the allegations resurfaced again. Earlier last month he posted another video exposing conversations he had with Colleen Ballinger.

Last month Social Blade revealed Colleen Ballinger lost over 30,000 subscribers in the space of a week when events unfolded but since then it has increased even further to over 110,000.

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