Millie T went to a celebrity weight loss retreat and fans are slamming her saying it’s toxic

‘Starving someone and giving them loads of liquid isn’t healthy’

Fans of Millie T are calling her out following a YouTube video she posted showing her going to Sri Lanka for a celebrity weight loss retreat.

First up fans are calling Millie out for how the video starts. Everything kicks off with Millie complaining about her car being stolen overnight but she still intends to go to try and forget about her car drama.

When Millie gets off the plane in Sri Lanka, there is a driver there waiting for her. She drives for over five hours to the top of a mountain where the retreat is taking place. She claims she has spent £5,000 on this retreat and it has been linked to some pretty major celebrities in the past.

CW: Discussions of weight loss.

After the first night in the retreat, she goes to see the doctor to discuss her routine for the next week. The doctor advises Millie the best way she can see progress is through purgation treatment, meaning she would go to the toilet around 10-12 times a day after taking a herbal pill. The doctor also puts Millie on an all-liquid diet and says she’s not allowed to eat meat for the entire week.

Fans have called out Millie for potentially triggering others by sharing the content online. During one shot in her YouTube video, Millie creates a side-by-side of her before and after the treatment. Other people are commenting and saying the liquid diet Millie was on wasn’t the problem, it was the way she spoke so highly about it after and saying how much more energy she had and how great it was in helping her lose weight. One person commented on her video: “This is toxic girl. You’re gorgeous, you don’t need to lose any weight. The place you went to is so wrong, starving someone and giving them bare liquid isn’t healthy.”

Millie also has fans backing her as well, one person defended Millie saying: “No hate but did the people in the comments calling this triggering not see the title, your triggers are yours to deal with nobody else’s she is showing something people do not promote it like a brand deal. If this triggers you that is on you, you clicked a video about diet culture you knew what you were getting into the real world does not have trigger warnings so it can’t be expected for everything on social media too.”

So far Millie hasn’t commented on the backlash however on her Snapchat story she has said how the process she went on in the retreat is totally fine and unproblematic.

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