A considered ranking of the funniest Love Islanders of all time

There are so many laughs to be had beyond Chris Taylor’s salmon, I promise x

Love Island producers are great at providing us with big personalities that come into the villa. Sure, everyone can give a snappy one liner but not everyone is actually funny. This year we’ve got Whitney who is, quite frankly, carrying this season on her back. But in terms of ranking the funniest islanders of all time, Whitney isn’t up there with the best of the best.

We’ve had so many laughs over the years and to celebrate that, here’s a ranking of the funniest islanders to ever walk into the villa.

9. Ovie Soko

Don’t get me wrong, Ovie was funny but he’s last because he was more cool than funny. He kept out of drama and had a cracking holiday instead. It’s no shock he came third, his personality is the best.

8. Danica Taylor

Love Island fans slam show for 'humiliating' Danica with 'uncomfortable' spoof clips - Mirror Online

Danica had no business being as funny as she was. Twerking out of the villa when she left literally altered my brain chemistry. God save Danica Taylor.

7. Olivia Attwood

I’m sat. Olivia Attwood was the funniest girl from her season and potentially one of the funniest female islanders to appear on the show. She played a dividing role but in return she also gave us the best argument of the season when Chris told her to sit down. An icon!

6. Whitney Adebayo

Whitney is too jokes. She has carried this season on her back and that’s that!

5. Nathan Massey

Love Island 2016's Nathan Massey: 'I have no morals'

Nathan had the joker reputation from day one. He provided so many laughs and even went on to win the series with Cara Delahoyde.

4. Jack Fincham

Pen salesman Jack Fincham was the funniest contestant from season four. His impression of Eyal will stay with me for life. What a talented man.

3. Chris Taylor

Love Island fans are begging for Francesca and Chris to get ...

Not being funny but Chris Taylor could easily be the funniest man in Love Island history. We only had him for two weeks but it was a laugh a line when he was about. I despise the fact people remember his funniest moment as the salmon pool jump though because that was evil.

2. Maura Higgins

via ITV

Something that I will remember to the day I die is Maura’s interaction with the evil Tom. When she caught him stuttering and ripped into him for it in front of the girls – she was too real for that.

1. Chloe Burrows

via ITV

Chloe Burrows is the funniest islander of all time in my eyes. From running head first into a tree, giving us “no whey” and of the fact her entire Love Island journey started with a voice note.

I’m not letting no one take me for a prick, no whey!

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