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MAFS Australia’s Ella Ding forced to apologise after saying you can cure cancer with positivity


Married at First Sight star Ella Ding has apologised after receiving backlash for suggesting people could cure cancer by “thinking positively.”

The former reality star found fame on season nine of MAFS Australia back in 2022 where she matched with Mitch Eynaud. However things between them ended before the series wrapped filming.

Recently, Ella has found herself embroiled in drama after she made comments suggesting cancer patients didn’t need to consider chemotherapy.

On a recent episode of her podcast Sit With Us, she and fellow MAFS star Domenica Calacro, discussed mental health and Ella said: “your mind can kill you and make you sick.”

“If you’re sick in whatever way it may be, whether it’s with illness, if you have cancer, or if you have depression, you can literally make yourself sicker by focusing on how sick you are,” she continued.

“You can end up terminally ill,” she said. During the chat Ella also said: “Imagine the cancer is leaving your body. Imagine the cells are going away. He’s literally cured patients without chemotherapy,” when referencing the work of chiropractor and author of How to Rewire Your Brain, Joe Dispenza. She claimed: “He has hundreds of case studies of people who were sick with cancer, and he literally trained them to just imagine not being sick.”

Now a few days on, Ella has responded after being slammed for what she said. In a long statement shared to Instagram on Friday night, the influencer clarified that she wasn’t trying to issue formal medical advice and apologised for not being “more careful” with her comments.

“I want to clarify that although I am personally excited by Dr Joe’s findings and treatment methods he described in the book, I was not intending to provide any medical or treatment advice, nor am I qualified to do so,” she said.

Ella continued: “I acknowledge and take full accountability,’ explaining how she should have been clearer in the discussion. I understand that I should have reminded listeners to always seek professional medical advice in relation to medical conditions, or before making any medical decisions. I will ensure that I am more careful in the future when sharing information and stories in relation to these sorts of topics.”

Season ten star Lyndall Grace, who has cystic fibrosis, also weighed in reminding her followers to listen to medical professionals. She posted on Instagram: “It is not your fault, it is not your choice and it will not change.”

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