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Explained: What is the Perky Dance move taking over TikTok and how do I do it myself?

Bring on the TikTok fame x

The Perky Dance on TikTok is everyone’s latest obsession. TikTok is known for being the home to some interesting dances – before it was TikTok it was We’ve seen some big dance moves blow up on the app like WAP, Cannibal, Supalonely and Savage. But now it’s all about the Perky Dance, so here’s everything you need to know about the latest TikTok move.

Where did the Perky Dance come from on TikTok?

Last year in December, TikTok user @jackfunny313 posted a video in which the camera panned over him holding his belt and swaying his hips to the song “Perc and Sex” by YN Jay. He captioned the video “Let me do my Perky Dance” and his video blew up. It’s got over 100,00 likes and almost one million plays.

The spread of the Perky Dance is wild. So many people have been posting their attempts and gaining thousands and thousands of likes. It’s a Perky pandemic!! 2023 was the year the dance went viral and even mainstream TikTokers took part in it. There is even a clip going around showing Spongebob and Gary doing the dance.

Here’s how to do the Perky Dance from TikTok

Okay so it’s when you hold onto your waistband with your right hand, hold your left arm up in a fist and rotate your right leg.

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