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Prepare to be humbled, here’s how to see how many one star ratings you have on Uber

Looks like asking your driver if they’ve been busy today isn’t going down so well

Anytime we get out of an Uber you’ll always find there are people who give the drivers a five star rating or there are people who don’t engage with ratings whatsoever. But what if I told you this isn’t just a one-way thing and drivers engage with you as their passenger and not only that but they were really fucking savage about it as well?

It turns out just sitting in silence, holding back from requesting the window goes down a tiny crack or bringing yourself to ask the timeless question: “You been busy today then?” isn’t enough to claim five stars.

A TikToker has dropped the ultimate hack that will humble you so hard. Uber users are now able to find out how many one star reviews they have and I can guarantee you have more than you assume. So get buckled in, shut up and get get ready for me to ruin your day – here’s how you can find your Uber ratings.

drunk nights collecting those one stars

How do I see how many stars I have on Uber?

It turns out people can’t deal with low Uber ratings. Why is that? And why does it hurt even more to get two or three stars instead of just one? What made me not good enough for four or five but better than absolutely awful? Anyway, here’s a guide on how you can see how many stars you have on Uber.

• Right, so click on your settings and switch to “privacy” and then to “privacy centre.”

• It’s going to say “would you like to see a summary of how you’ve used Uber?” and then you can click “see summary.”

• Next you need to click on the ratings button and then “view my ratings.”

• Get ready because it’s about to pop off

• Then you’ll be met with your last rides and you’ll see how many stars you have had.

via Uber

This person has over 320 five stars which is great but equally why do they have nine one stars? NINE JOURNEYS FROM HELL.

Enjoy being humbled and going through the most traumatic experience of your life with Uber.

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