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Love Is Blind’s Jackie ‘speaks the truth’ about the dating timeline between Marshall and Josh

She also said why she’s not giving the ring back to Marshall loool

Love Is Blind star Jackie Bonds is blaming the show’s editors for making it look as though she cheated on Marshall Glaze to get together with Josh Demas. 27-year-old dental hygienist Jackie, said yes to Marshall in the pods when it came down to choosing between him and Josh.

Love Is Blind’s Jackie got caught in a leaked text message scandal which suggested she was dating Josh and Marshall at the same time. However Jackie shared an Instagram post about “speaking the truth,” where she claimed, “Marshall and I were broken up before I saw Josh at the coffee shop.”

Jackie wrote that she was wearing different clothes with her hair styled differently and at the end of the video she even said: “I don’t know if I am going to be with Josh.” Jackie admitted she didn’t know “what the reason is” for Love Is Blind season four to play the coffee shop date before the breakup.

Jackie and Josh sealed their date with a kiss after she admitted she “chose wrong.” Then upon her return to the apartment, she broke things off with Marshall. We saw Marshall ask Jackie for the ring back and she denied it, she said there was no reason for him to have it back because he never bought it.

When it comes to those leaked texts though, Jackie confirmed she sent the ones about Marshall and Josh. TikToker @justasknadia shared some leaked texts from Jackie which were posted anonymously and showed her admitting she wanted to switch from Marshall to Josh. The texts make it look as though she was dating them both at the same time. The messages also suggest she and Marshall had sex in week two and she alluded to “sugar” in Marshall’s “tank.”

Fans of the show have still called her out for being the biggest villain this season but her receipts will surely come in handy at the reunion.

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