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This personality test from TikTok will tell you which one of the 15 personality types you have

I feel so violated

TikTok personality test results aren’t typically something to write home about, but IDRLabs have created a test with 105 questions and the results read you like a book.

The personality style test is a 105-question quiz that gives you a score on each of the 15 known personality types and people are sharing the bar charts on TikTok. Here’s everything we know about the TikTok personality test that gives you 15 results at once.

Where can I take the TikTok personality types quiz?


The test is “idr labs personality style test” if you were wondering

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The quiz can be taken directly on the website and it asks users to respond to 105 statements by saying whether they agree or disagree. For example, one statement says: “I don’t feel that things are under control unless I am in charge.”

Because the quiz is so long, it can take some time to complete but all the statements are short and there are only two answer options. After taking the quiz, a lot of people have posted a screenshot of their answers to TikTok.

You can take the quiz here at your own risk, because you will be left feeling read.

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