Adam Collard has just admitted he chose Paige on Love Island as a game plan

Nah he is another level of evil

Adam Collard has admitted he had a game plan during his second time on Love Island.

The 27-year-old Islander earned his reputation during his first stint on the show in 2018 and later he returned for another go in 2022.

Adam met his ex-girlfriends Zara McDermott and Paige Thorne on the show. But he has since revealed he would “choose the right person” to stay on the programme longer.

In an interview with MailOnline, Adam explained: “The thing with Love Island is I’m the only one who is willing to admit it, I would completely choose the right person to stay on the show. That’s why I got back on the show in my eyes, they realised I didn’t care about anything.”

Adam and Paige broke up after she accused him of cheating when he was filmed flirting with girls on nights out. He told the MailOnline: “We all know the game. It was really hard for me the second time because I could see through everything, it is unbelievable how clear it is the second time. It messes with your head, you almost convince yourself you like these people and then once you see the light and get back home you realise you aren’t a perfect match.”

Unsurprisingly, Adam is currently single. He’s been around the block having been on Love Island twice. Speaking on the social media rule this year he said: “I don’t know if I would have said yes the second time if they had said that to me because what is the point? I don’t feel sorry for anyone who puts themselves in that situation. Unless you are from one of the early series, the first three series you could come off and have a normalish life but now everyone is going to strive to be a Molly-Mae. If you stay there for more than two weeks you are going to be in the public eye, you are going to get trolled, you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth. You have to be thick skinned because it is horrendous.”

Adam has previously shared on his YouTube channel how he’s seen people like Molly-Mae get famous from the show and admitted he wanted a “piece of that.” He says his future in reality TV would be on shows like I’m A Celeb and SAS but feels as though he’s done his time on telly now.

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