A considered ranking of every single Race Across the World duo from evil to iconic

I think we all know where Claudia and Kevin are going x

Race Across the World is the textbook definition of what it means to be a great TV show. It’s wholesome by nature and the contestants are real salt of the earth kind of people. From season one to season three we have met some proper big characters who have never expected to become famous from the show and instead they’ve just gone back to their usual lives after making great telly.

However with every fantastic show comes a hard decision of ranking who is the best and who is not so great. Race Across the World has the power to bring out the best and worst in the people who take part. It’s stressful and I’m sure they feel the pressure being packed on. So with that in mind, here’s a considered ranking of every single Race Across the World duo from season one to season three.

15. Claudia and Kevin

race across the world

Maybe it’s just me but Claudia and Kevin from this season aren’t hitting. The dad and daughter duo are chaotic and I feel as though they just argue all the time. Also when they got on the coach and drove off leaving Cathie and Tricia stranded but waved them off I was seething. Pure, unfiltered evil.

14. Jinda and Bindu

We didn’t get to see much of Jinda and Bindu in season one and that’s down to the fact they had to leave early. Respectfully, I wouldn’t know what Jinda and Bindu look like in a crowded room and for that reason they’re ranking low. The only thing keeping them from last place is the fact their absence gave us Tony and Elaine and Kevin and Claudia can’t be pleasant to one another for longer than three minutes.

13. Josh and Felix

Josh and Felix are an evil duo. They pushed HARD to get to Singapore first and they gave off the vibe that they’re both two younger siblings who bonded over being bullied by their older brothers.

These two got annoyed with each other so quickly and that’s when it went downhill. The most chaotic thing they did was run out of money right before reaching the final checkpoint and not even bothering to ask anyone for some cash so they could at least sign the book. It was giving spoilt brat. Luckily though the girls were there to let them up and spot them for the extra pennies!

12. Marc and Michael

Race Across The World season 3: Release date, cast, and more

These two brothers had a lovely story but they were all fingers and thumbs. They lacked coordination and were too far behind everyone else for getting to say their goodbyes before being booted off the show. Pathetic!

11. Mobeen and Zainib

Mobeen and Zainib bicker loads and she just tells him off all the time, hence why they’re evil. But what’s saving them from last place is how in love they are. Their relationship is sweet but when push comes to shove they’re not the most iconic duo from this season.

10. Shuntelle and Michael

Obviously Shuntelle and Michael will go down as the most chaotic pair in the history of Race Across the World. Seriously though, Michael losing that money was wild and what’s even wilder is the fact Shuntelle has stayed with him all these years. I fear if he’d have just kept the money belt in his possession then they would have been a force not to be reckoned with! But alas, we will never know.

9. Sue and Clare

Where is the cast of Race Across The World series one now?

Respectfully, Sue and Clare were useless. They were the first pair to be eliminated back in season one after finishing last in Baku. Their friendship was sweet but they were not cut out for the brutality of racing across the world.

8. Dom and Lizzie

Dom and Lizzie are sooooo mid. I feel as though they were destined for season one as season two had way too many big characters for them to properly shine. But they still had a few iconic things like when they joined a random birthday party and Dom went home with a girl. Quality telly.

7. Emon and Jamiul

Emon and Jamul giving their money to charity really set the tone for what kind of show this is – it’s wholesome by nature. Obviously since the show they’ve gone on to continue their charity work. Emon has taken part in the last three London Marathons and even attended the Pride of Britain Awards!

6. Natalie and Shameema

Where is the cast of Race Across The World series one now?

Shameema will always live rent free in my mind after she chatted up that guy on the train and told him she was 25 (instead of 39) and was prepared to get with him before he revealed he was 18. A true icon.

5. Cathie and Tricia

I know it’s bold putting people from a new season so high on the legendary scale but I seriously feel it with these two. They’re iconic women. I would die for Tricia and Cathie.

5. Ladi and Monique

Would I die for Ladi and Monique? Yes, I would. Their relationship is so wholesome and the way Ladi just breaks out into song at any given point is stunning.

4. Jo and Sam

Race Across the World for Stockport physiotherapist and son - Marketing Stockport

Jo and Sam were a gorgeous duo who both provided chaotic and wholesome vibes. Sam spending loads of their budget on a big spag bol was potentially one of the factors causing them to drop out but also he had no regrets and we could tell.

3. Jen, Rob and checkpoint Jen

Jen and Rob were true icons. But the true person keeping their relationship alive and the audience ecstatic was checkpoint Jen. She was vicious, fierce and won our hearts the second she whipped that yellow coat off whilst racing to the top of the mountain. A true babe.

2. Darron and Alex

BBC Two's Race Across the World fans really wanted this pair to win | HELLO!

Darron and Alex are legends in my eyes. They left Greenwich a whole day later than everyone else and still managed to come second. I felt as though I truly watched their relationship and bond grow strength to strength

1. Tony and Elaine

Retired PE teachers Tony and Elaine are Race Across the World royalty. From coming in at the last minute after Jinda and Bindu dropped out, they went all the way on to win it. Right from the moment they took their first step they had their eye on the ball and pulled out all the stops and sleeper trains to get to where they needed to be. Two icons.

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