A student launched a personalised monthly Spotify pie chart, here’s how to access yours

Finally something to keep me going until Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is one of the biggest pop culture events of the year but having to wait 12 whole months is excruciating. Why do we love seeing our nicely presented listening data so much? I feel like nowadays I can’t go onto Instagram without seeing Receiptify at least once and now there’s Spotify Pie.

Here’s everything we know about the Spotify pie chart including how to gain access to yours:

What is the Spotify pie chart?

The pie chart isn’t actually a feature created by Spotify. It is a tool developed by UCLA student, Darren Huang. Using the date from your Spotify profile, Spotify Pie lists the artists you listen to the most in the space of a month and breaks down the genres that apply best to your tastes.

If you tap on the specific piece of pie, you can see which artists come under what genre. Some genres which make up the pie include rock, K-pop, hop hop and more niche genres such as cyberpunk and slushwave.

How do I make my Spotify pie chart?

Making your own music pie chart is easy, all you need to do is open up Huang’s website and log into your account. You can then access the website via desktop or mobile. All you need is your Spotify account in order to use it.

You can find Darren’s website here.

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Spotify picture via Cezar Sampaio on Unsplash.