Every friendship group has these seven types of friend, here’s which one you are

I fear I am the friend who doesn’t message for months x

According to TikTok, you only need a few friends to have a full and thriving social circle – seven friends, to be exact. The viral seven friend theory proves smaller friendship groups are the way to go by celebrating the qualities each of you bring to the table. The group includes people such as the friend you’ve had since you were little, someone you can go forever without talking to but be fine with always and someone who knows more about your love life than you.

Here’s everything we know about the seven friend theory from TikTok and what each of them are.

1. The friend who has been around since you were little

Nothing beats a really long and strong friendship, especially if it’s founded on something wholesome like your mums being friends before.

2. The friend who makes you laugh in any situation

If this friend then you’re also the rock in the friendship group. No pressure.

3. The friend you can go forever without talking to but nothing changes

If this is you then you’re lowkey the best kind of friend. Low maintenance and trustworthy. You don’t expect too much but I know you will always have my back.

4. The friend you can tell anything to

You are capable of great things. You’re happy to just listen, nod and refrain from judging when your mate tells you they’ve done something silly again.

5. The friend that’s more of a sibling

You swap clothes with your friends, pop their spots and act like children around each other. You’re unbelievably uncomfortable with your friends and their family and as far as you are concerned, you’re one of them.

6. The friend you can’t imagine not being mates with

It’s likely you have fallen out with your friend before but you always just end up back together.

7. The friend who knows all about your love life despite them not wanting to hear the drama

Everyone has a friend who is more well-versed in everyone else’s love life compared to their own.


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It’s unclear who started the theory but the trend has reached the right people. The hashtag has millions of views. It’s wholesome and we’re all here for it.

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