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Zombieing is the more savage version of ghosting, here’s what it means in dating terms

Dating is hell

TikTok has just rediscovered zombieing, the more savage version of ghosting. Everyone has experienced ghosting before, whether it’s happened to us or we’ve been the person to ghost, we know how tough it can be. But zombies in the dating world are a different level of hurtful – they add insult to injury and it’s rough.

Here’s everything we know about zombieing and the signs to look out for.

What is Zombieing?

Zombieing is when your romantic interest disappears from the face of the earth and essentially ghosts you. But one step further is zombieing. It’s where someone disappears and then pops back up without explanation.

Experts have said people’s motives for zombieing can vary. A few people do it out of boredom and others do it because they want to go back to a source of entertainment. It’s attention-seeking behaviour and the people who identify as zombies are looking for attention, it’s likely a new flame has just fizzled out for them so they’re going back to what they know best – you.


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♬ because i liked a boy – Sabrina Carpenter

But obviously there are ways to look at it in a more positive light. Potentially they might realise they missed out on an opportunity to get to know you and they’re hoping for another chance. Or they might be awful at communicating properly.

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