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Everything you need to know about Tom Parker Bowles and his beef with Prince Harry

He is the son of the Queen and stepson to King Charles

We all know who King Charles’ sons are, Prince William and Harry – but he is also stepfather to his wife Queen Camilla’s son, Tom Parker Bowles. He’s no stranger to backing his mother and being first in line to say what a good guy the King is. Here’s everything you need to know about him including his love life, his relationship with King Charles and his beef with Prince Harry.

Who is Tom Parker Bowles?

Tom Parker Bowles is a British writer and food critic born on 18th December 1974. He was educated at Summer Fields School in Oxford and attended Eton College and Worcester College, Oxford.

Tom is the son of Queen Camilla and a stepbrother to Prince William and Prince Harry. His father is Andrew Parker Bowles who famously dated the Princess Royal, Princess Anne. Tom’s parents married in 1973 and his father reportedly had numerous affairs throughout his marriage to Camilla and the pair later divorced in 1995.

Is Tom Parker Bowles married?

On 10th September 2005, Tom Parker Bowles married Sara Buys, an associate editor of Harpers & Queen magazine. They got married in Oxfordshire and later had a daughter in 2007 and son in 2010. The couple split in 2018 and a year later Tom started dating journalist Alice Procope.

On 17th March 2021, Alice sadly died in her home, seven months after being diagnosed with cancer.

What drama is there between Tom Parker Bowles and the royal family?

During Global’s News Agents podcast, Tom was asked about the Duke of Sussex and whether there was panic for him attending the coronation alone. Tom replied it was “nothing to do with me at all. Though I did ask if Harry Kane was going as Captain of England. My mother didn’t know.” People believe this is a dig at Prince Harry after making little effort to hide his support of Spurs.

Prince Harry and Tom Parker Bowles are no strangers to making digs at one another. In his memoir, Spare, Prince Harry claimed Camilla leaked stories about the royal family to the media to bolster his image. He also says he and Prince William “begged” King Charles not to marry Camilla.

Tom Parker Bowles hit back at Harry’s accusations in his memoir. On Global’s podcast he said: “We live in thankfully a free country… if people want to protest, that’s their right to do so… You’re allowed to protest. We all are allowed to have different views and I think that makes for an interesting and civilised country.”

When asked about the Coronation and how his mother feels, Tom replied: “I think anyone would be anxious on an occasion of this sort of importance in terms of the historical. And yes, I think I’d be terrified if I had to sort of walk out wearing ancient robes… She’s 75, but you know, it’s tough to do it. But she’s never complained. You just do it. Get on with it.

“She’s still my mother… I think change happens, but I don’t care what anyone says. This wasn’t any sort of end game, she married the person she loved, and this is what happened.”

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