From his attitude on Perfect Match, it’s clear Bartise learnt nothing from Love Is Blind

He’s being called out for repeating toxic behaviour

Bartise Bowden was one of the main villains on Love Is Blind season three and he faced a lot of negativity from fans who were unhappy with his toxic behaviour. During his time on the show he found a connection with Nancy Rodriquez and proposed to her sight unseen. Throughout their engagement he repeatedly discussed his lack of physical attraction to her and at one point even called another contestant on their season a “smoke show.”

Nancy was so understanding and patient with Bartise. When it came to their wedding day she even agreed to marry him but this man had the audacity to say no.

Now we’re watching him on Perfect Match and Bartise is being hung out to dry on Twitter. Fans of the show are calling him out for his toxic behaviour with another woman. Here’s everything we know about the drama surrounding him on Netflix’s Perfect Match.

Why is Bartise being called out on Perfect Match?

One person on Twitter called out Bartise saying he was “staying true to himself even on another Netflix show, another year older and none the wiser or better of a person.”

Anyone who watched Bartise in season three of Love Is Blind didn’t hold back from calling out his treatment of Nancy. But for context in Perfect Match, Bartise tells the cameras he doesn’t find Ines the most attractive in the house but they do have a strong emotional connection – basically it was giving Nancy.

After Love Is Blind, Bartise said he wouldn’t do reality TV again but here he is repeating those same mistakes. His time on Perfect Match was short-lived which isn’t shocking at all given all the backlash he’s had.

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