Cockroaches and dingy bedrooms: Inside Alix Earle’s humbling university house tour

This is a traumatic but relatable watch

Influencer Alix Earle has left her followers genuinely shook after revealing the flip side to her very boujie life. The 22-year-old influencer attends the University of Miami and took to TikTok to share an insight of her college house and by doing so she has humbled herself so hard.

In the video Alix posted she revealed she shares her house with five other girls and cockroaches. She also didn’t hold back on showing how out of hand things have got for them with piles of dirty clothes, a messy bathroom and a dingy bedroom – something all uni students can relate to.

Alix isn’t one to only show the best parts of her life but for some reason her fans are annoyed with how open she was with sharing this content. Her TikTok has been viewed over seven million times.

via @alixearle on TikTok

The cockroach situation in their house has gotten so bad that she has made a house for the cockroaches. She also shares a clip of a bedroom that wasn’t originally made to be a bedroom but she and her housemates just made it into one. The group also has a laundry room but that doubles as storage she says.

via @alixearle on TikTok

Alix then moves the video into her shared bathroom where we can’t even see the countertop because it’s covered in products. She also showed her bedroom which looked pretty dingy as it only has one window, Alix admits:”We just call it the dungeon.”

Fans are truly disappointed, one person said: “How do people live like this and call themselves adults?” Another person said: “My stress would be sky high there.” Someone else pointed out their distress over Alix and her housemates making a literal house for the cockroaches.

For her full house tour, click here.

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