Perfect Match just dropped, so here’s all the carnage the cast caused on their original shows

Let’s hope this show is chaos x

Perfect Match has finally dropped on Netflix after being teased for a few weeks and the cast is packed full of memorable reality stars, ranging from fav favourites to notorious Netflix stars in one resort together.

Hosted by Nick Lachey who is now the face of three big Netflix shows such as Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum and now Perfect Match. This new show brings together 23 contestants who we previously watched search for love, sell boujee houses or compete in intense competitions to win money.

The cast on Perfect Match will move into a luxury resort and try to find someone to match with. They can team up based on romantic connection or as strategy. Each pair then battles in competitions to find out if they are the most compatible. Every episode, the winners are given the power to add new members to the cast to build a better connection or ruin a growing relationship. You’ll recognise most of the cast members, but if not then here’s a memory job of the most chaotic ones and the drama they caused in their original season.

Abbey Humphreys – Twentysomethings: Austin

Perfect Match cast shows

via Netflix

Abbey claims she was the villain in her show but still “slayed it.” If you haven’t watched, then Twentysomethings is a “coming of age reality series” on Netflix which shows 20-somethings navigate love and friendship. Abbey joined the cast as a divorced 28-year-old looking to explore her bisexuality and love after heartbreak.

Bartise Bowden – Love Is Blind

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Bartise featured on Love Is Blind season three and he was in a couple with Nancy. His actions on the show included telling Nancy that he was not physically attracted to her and admitting his attraction to their co-star, Raven Ross. He also essentially admitted to being pro-life – so he didn’t have a great time with the audience.

Calvin Crooks – The Circle

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Calvin didn’t have a dramatic time on The Circle, mainly because it was…The Circle. Potentially the most wholesome show on the list so far, but he didn’t hold back when it came to interviews after the show went out. Including chats on who was real and who was fake whilst filming, let’s hope he brings this energy into the resort.

Chase DeMoor – Too Hot To Handle

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Chase DeMoor was branded as the ultimate season two villain of Too Hot To Handle because of how he angered fans and other cast members on the show. He treated Carly so badly on the show by never showing her any affection and being cold to her. Chase also had a feud with Cam Holmes after the season aired because he posted a TikTok saying Cam’s girlfriend Emily who he met on the show was leaving him for Chase. Cam then unfollowed Chase and said it bothered him because Chase involved Emily.

So after picking his battle with the fan favourite couple to ever come out of THTH, Chase claimed his villain title.

Chloe Veitch – Too Hot To Handle and The Circle

Perfect Match cast

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This is Chloe’s third time on a Netflix show and she’s so ready for it. Chloe is a self-proclaimed train wreck and lost her group a fair bit of money on her season of Too Hot To Handle. But she says she’s ready for Perfect Match after failing to find love in her original show.

Damian Powers – Love Is Blind

Perfect Match cast shows

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Damian was a contestant on the first season of Love is Blind and was engaged to Giannina Gibelli but split with her on their wedding day and then she fell down a MUDSLIDE. But that could be hinted at as karma after Giannina told Damian he was bad in bed.

Anyway, following Love Is Blind, Damian went on to date Francesca Farago and even brought her along to the reunion episode so Perfect Match with those two should be verrrry interesting.

Diamond Jack – Love Is Blind

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Diamond was on Love Is Blind season one and she was coupled with Charlton Morton. Their breakup was explosive to say the least. Charlton and Diamond had the first huge bust up of the season on the couple’s retreat. Charlton opened up about his sexuality and Diamond was annoyed he had been keeping secrets. Next thing you know he’s saying she’s “shown her true colours” and she’s whipped her engagement ring off. They had a huge slinging match, he chucked the ring and called her a bitch. “Fuck you, fucker” is what Diamond says before she storms off round the pool. “Watch your wig cause it’s been sliding since day one.” Can’t wait to see Diamond in Perfect Match.

Francesca Farago – Too Hot To Handle

Perfect Match cast

Francesca with Dom Gabriel, via Netflix

Francesca was regarded as one of the most sought-after singles in the villa. She grew a close bond with Harry Jowsey on the show and the couple went on to break so many rules and lost a large chunk of the prize fund – classic. They survived the show though and got engaged! However, that was short-lived. Now Francesca is in a relationship and even a step-mum! She’s helping to raise her partner’s child, she also bought a house in the summer that they’re renovating to move into together with their cat.

But let’s hold out hope that she was wild whilst filming Perfect Match and prior to finding wholesome love.

Georgia Hassarati – Too Hot To Handle

Perfect Match cast shows

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Georgia caused chaos on season three of Too Hot To Handle, mainly because she got off with four different people in one night which took a massive chunk out of the prize fund. She is considered as one of the show’s most outrageous contestants in history. the 26-year-old held back absolutely nothing during the episode as well, she was boasting about it – absolutely huge respect to her.

Izzy Fairthorne – Too Hot To Handle

Perfect Match cast

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One of those four people Georgia kissed in season three of Too Hot To Handle was Izzy Fairthorne. Izzy is a self-proclaimed “rule breaker” and she likes to give boys a taste of their own medicine which sounds pretty good to me as a fan of Perfect Match.

Izzy made it all the way to the final of THTH with Jackson Mawhinney but sadly the pair split after the show finished. Jackson revealed that they’d both go on a night out together and either end up sleeping with each other or sleeping with someone else.

Shayne Jansen – Love Is Blind

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Shayne featured on Love Is Blind season two and he is arguably the most famous face in the cast for Perfect Match. He was engaged to Natalie Lee in season three and they remained a couple right up until their wedding day. During the After the Altar special for season two, Natalie Lee accused Shayne of exchanging flirty messages with Shaina Hurley, who he also had a connection with in the pods.

Who else is on Perfect Match?

Here are all the other contestants that didn’t necessarily cause drama on their scene but they’re big characters and on the show for a reason.

• Zay Wilson – The Ultimatum

• Will Richardson – The Mole

• Savannah Palacio – The Circle

• Nick Uhlenhuth – The Circle

• Mitchell Eason – The Circle

• Lauren Chamblin – Love Is Blind

• Kariselle Snow – Sexy Beasts (the panda girl)

• Joey Sasso – The Circle

• Anne-Sophie Petit-Frefre – Selling Tampa

• Ines Tazi -The Circle: France

• Dom Gabriel – The Mole

• Colony Reeves – Selling Tampa

• Calvin Crooks – The Circle

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