This British TikTok group are everywhere rn, so here’s a brief history of all their controversies

Max Balegde carrying this group’s drama on his back I see

Recently a bunch of TikTok influencers went on a funded cruise because they think that’s the type of content their audience craves. They couldn’t be more wrong. There is a specific group of British TikTokers including Max Balegde, GK Barry, Joe Baggs, George Baggs, Charley Marlowe and Issy Oakley who continuously boast about their funded holidays and think that’s what their audience should be influenced about.

Every time a new trip comes around whether it’s a cruise, ski holiday or they’re jetting off to Ibiza, this lot jump at it without a second thought of how it looks to their audience. Despite receiving backlash for their tone deaf behaviour online, they’re not stopping. So here’s a rundown of every time they caused a stir online.

Max Balegde and his big fat beef with Nosebleed Fitz

Two years ago, Bella ‘Nosebleed’ Fitz and Max Balegede from TikTok had a huge public falling out. The two were formerly quite close but argued over Max’s choice of name for his merchandise that Bella believed put her out of business for her own merch.

Their beef kicked off on TikTok and Twitter and blew up massively. In her first TikTok, Bella shared messages between her and Max which showed Max asking why Bella had unfollowed him on social media. Bella responded to him with a voice note saying: “I feel massively snaked with the merch. It’s a massive kick in the teeth because I thought we were quite good friends. I was asked what I wanted to call my merch and I replied Big Fat Fitz which I couldn’t because yours is called Big Fat Merch. I’m not gatekeeping or anything, but don’t make merch off my saying. I feel taken advantage of. Don’t make money off it to the point where I can’ do my own thing. It’s energy I do not like and do not want in my life. I don’t want to do the podcast, I don’t want to do the song and I don’t want to be friends.’

Max responded to Bella’s voice note claiming he had been saying “big fat” for years and he felt as though it was a childish decision on Bella’s part.

The whole situation didn’t really quiet down until Bella lost a bunch of followers and went MIA. Since then Max Balegde has continued his career online and made his presence even more known.

Endless boujie ski trips and silly holidays

TikTokers like Max Balegde, GK Barry, the Baggs brothers, Issy Oakley and Charley Marlowe  have been raking in all the good and boujie trips recently. Earlier this year they were taken on a ski trip and recently they went off to Ibiza all in the name of content. Yes, that’s right! They have been on another stupid influencer trip because they and the brands who pay for it think it’s what we want to see.

All it shows is that they all have a lack of self-awareness given how hard they’ve flaunted their privilege this year. It’s a shame that they’re forcing themselves onto our FYP and as a result we are starting to resent them for it. It’s a cost of living crisis, we’re all skint. Get off your high horses, boujie holidays and

George Baggs promoted a vape to his underage audience

Recently Gogglebox star and TikToker George Baggs had a vape advert banned due to his age. Investigators found the 19-year-old influencer broke advertising rules by promoting e-cigarettes on social media while under the legal age to do so. His original TikTok promoting the vapes saw him walking towards the camera holding his vape as text popped up on the screen saying: “Matching the outfit with my new HQD vape.” George made the huge effort to match his outfits to the vape and even claimed he always gets asked to make these sorts of videos! Who is requesting this content, may I ask?

Max Balegde made fun of a queer proposal on the tube

Last year, during Pride month nonetheless, Max Balegede got onto a tube and recorded a queer person proposing to their partner and called it a “violation.” The backlash he faced was immediate, people were fuming and one person even called him a “monster.”

A cousin of the person proposing in the video shared Max’s TikTok on Twitter and said: “I’m 99 per cent sure you are mocking my only recently out cousin proposing to their lovely partner during the 50th anniversary of London Pride.

“They recently had the courage to come out and I am so happy they have found someone special in their lives but also have been able to find who they are too. But you took what was a lovely moment for them both and instead of just being happy for them, you took it for yourself. You thought it right to mock a queer couple on video and shared it for all your followers. You absolute monster. I noticed you haven’t apologised for this which would be the tiniest gesture of making things right. I just hope if you have someone special in our life, some judgmental spiteful person isn’t there ready to point a camera at you and laugh. That you can expect your fellow queers to be happy and supportive and not just looking for likes on another TikTok to fulfil their lives.”

Not a good look for this lot really, is it?

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