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Sunday scaries are dead! Corporate TikTok girlies have just given us ‘bare minimum Monday’

It’s your soft launch into officially Quiet Quitting x

Young professionals on TikTok loooove corporate lingo, from their 5-9 before their 9-5 all the way to Quiet Quitting. The most recent trend is “bare minimum Monday” which advocates coasting through your Monday at work after a chilled weekend. It’s very similar to Quiet Quitting as it focuses on not working too hard. It’s all about getting by without stressing yourself out. Here’s a rundown of how you can have a bare minimum Monday and where the trend came from.

What does ‘bare minimum Monday’ mean?

Okay, so “bare minimum Monday” is when workers use Monday to only do necessary tasks. The ultimate goal is to reduce the fear of returning to work after the weekend. It’s like the corporate Sunday scaries.


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Six months ago we were introduced to Quiet Quitting and now we can’t escape it. Like Quiet Quitting, bare minimum Monday’s are about setting boundaries.

Bare minimum Monday’s means no more staying in bed until the last minute at the start of the working week because you’re full of dread. We’re saying yes to doing the bare minimum for work because you’ll feel less pressure and a load better. The Sunday scaries are officially dead and you’re about to get soft launched into Quiet Quitting your job – you’re welcome, babe x

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