This viral test tells you which iconic Greek tragic figure you are spiritually aligned to

I want Icarus or nothing

TikTok has been a popular place for quizzes this week, with the smile dating test, love character test and the soldier, poet or king test too – it’s all been happening. The latest quiz going around on the app tells you which tragic Greek figure you are and it might actually be the best one yet.

Similarly to the others, the tragic Greek figure test asks you a series of questions to determine which figure you are, like Cyparissus or Orpheus. The results are people from Greek mythology and a description about your tragic figure.

Here’s how the tragic Greek figure test from TikTok works

The test is available on a website called uQuiz which is where people go to create free quizzes for others to take.

The tragic Greek figure test has 13 questions, here’s what they all are:

• Are you aware that you’ve done wrong?

• Will you accept that you’ve done wrong?

• What do you value most?

• Choose something to kill with

• Accept your grief

• With which method do you try to solve your problems?

• Will you follow orders?

• Will you give the Gods their due?

• Will you accept defeat?

• Where is home?

• What does anger taste of?

• You’ve done wrong, and you’ve died. But are you content?

• Were you warned?

You are then presented with your answer and the description.

tragic greek figure test

via uQuiz

There are 10 possible results with Achilles being the most popular. The other results are Bellerophon, Cyparissus, Orpheus, Patroclus, Odysseus, Icarus, Antigone, Arachne, Orestes and Pentheus.

You can take the quiz here!

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