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Celebrity lookalike filter

This TikTok filter gives you your top three celebrity lookalikes and it’s scarily accurate

Not TikTok making me feel good about myself

TikTok seems to have an abundance of celebrity lookalike filters. It was only two months ago when people started morphing their faces into celebrities again. Recently it’s been about this one filter in particular that scans your face and then gives you three celebrities that you look like. It’s quite savage at times but also it’s not wrong.

Here’s how the filter works and how you can use it to create your own iconic celebrity lookalike content.

This is how to get the celebrity lookalike TikTok filter


this filter is scary accurate

♬ original sound – Bryce Hall

Recently on TikTok we have seen a lot of filters and trends require CapCut or FaceApp but luckily this one is already within the app and requires minimal effort. Here’s how you can get the filter for yourself.

• Open up TikTok

• Tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner

• Search for “top 3 celeb lookalikes”

• Click the first video you see using the filter – it should be a video of whoever is filming with three boxes above their head

• Tap the filter in the bottom left corner

• Click “use this effect”

• Put yourself in the frame and hit record

• Once you start recording the filter should automatically start and you’ll be given your three celebrity lookalikes within a few seconds.

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