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Before his Bridgerton fame Luke Newton was in a cringe boy band that flopped so hard

I’ve just streamed their album and my ears are burning

We all know him as Colin from Bridgerton but before Netflix fame, Luke Newton was part of a super cringe boy band called South 4.

The 29-year-old actor and fellow ex-band mates signed a £1 million record deal with Eagle Music when Luke was only 18. They were even known as “Sussex’s answer to One Direction” but alas, nothing came of their pop career and the band severely flopped.

In an attempt to promote their music, Luke and his band mates got completely butt naked for a promotional photoshoot. They covered up with just a Union Jack and sat shoulder-to-shoulder. But that didn’t do anything because the band didn’t get anywhere in the charts. So Luke thankfully turned his attention to acting.

You can watch an old rehearsal video here where Luke is wearing an Obey top, very fitting for the time. Their dancing is genuinely horrendous and makes me want to gauge my eyes out but also they’re having a good time, so who am I to judge?

Luke’s band South 4 has zero monthly listeners on Spotify – maybe you can be the first? Stream their music here.

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