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Piers sticks up for Phillip Schofield AGAIN as Holly leaves life’s worries behind her at Glasto

Every time I blink there is more goss

It’s been a month since Phillip Schofield admitted to lying about having an affair with a much younger male colleague on This Morning. The presenter stepped down from all ITV duties with immediate effect after apologising for not speaking the truth when ITV bosses asked if he was romantically involved with the runner.

Piers Morgan claims Phillip Schofield is ‘struggling’ after his scandal and takes a dig at ITV

Piers Morgan has made a subtle dig at his former employer ITV and the recent drama surrounding This Morning. The 58-year-old ex-host of Good Morning Britain has now taken a seat at TalkTV where he’s presented Uncensored since 2021.

However in the wake of Phillip Schofield lying about his affair with a younger runner on This Morning, Piers has been taking digs at ITV. He claimed everybody at ITV knew about the relationship and said the way ITV handled talent was “morally schizophrenic.”

Holly Willoughby enters panic mode over fears Josie becomes new ITV golden girly

Josie Gibson has been a real prominent figure during this whole scandal. Alongside Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, Josie has stepped UP to the ITV hostess plate. According to sources, Holly Willoughby is entering panic mode as Josie was papped getting close with Amanda Holden at Royal Ascot races.

Insiders also say Josie and Amanda’s new found friendship has made Holly feel “fragile and fearful.” A source said: “Josie’s increased closeness with Amanda has left Holly a bit put out. She’s already feeling fragile at the moment, given all that’s happened, and she’s trying to move on from everything that’s happened. Josie’s been an amazing support to her and someone to lean on. And while she adores Josie, her spending time with Amanda and acting like BFFs, after Amanda seemed to publicly mock her at her most vulnerable, has left Holly feeling wary and fearful that they could grow closer. Meanwhile, Josie and Amanda really enjoyed spending time together. They hit it off at Ascot and got on like a house on fire. And it certainly hasn’t gone over their heads that they are both potentially waiting in the wings, should Holly leave, and that they could find themselves as a duo on the This Morning sofa at some point in the future.”

Josie has had a serious glam up in recent weeks and has even started sharing her outfits on Instagram ahead of her presenting on This Morning. Sources are claiming she’s going to scoop Holly and become the newest ITV golden girl as “everything she touches right now seems to turn gold.”

Holly chops into Glastonbury Festival and happily ‘leaves life’s worries behind’

Holly Willoughby described Glastonbury as a “freeing” experience as she attended the festival in the aftermath of the Phillip Schofield drama. Yikes!

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