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Inside the I’m A Celeb South Africa camp beef between Janice Dickinson and Andy Whyment

‘If Andy can’t weave then he can’t weave’

Janice Dickinson wound up viewers during last night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity South Africa as her demanding comments towards Andy Whyment caused a lot of backlash online.

Last night things really heated up in the camp between Janice and Andy, with viewers saying she “had it out for him.” She demanded Andy make her a wreath and then became annoyed when he said no and admitted it was because he genuinely didn’t know how.

via ITV

Janice was annoyed Andy said no and then walked over to Myleene Klass and said: “He doesn’t want to do anything for me. He doesn’t even want to have a conversation with me. He hates me. Types of men want to do things for me and other types don’t want anything at all.” But Janice wasn’t being that quiet because Andy heard and called her out on it. He shouted across the camp: “Are you saying I don’t want to do anything for you?”

Janice straight up lied and said: “No I didn’t. I wasn’t talking about you.” Andy said he would try and make her a wreath but he’s just not very good at that sort of thing. Fans on Twitter called Janice Dickinson out for ordering Andy around in the I’m A Celebrity South Africa camp. One person wrote: “Janice ordering Andy around. Leave him alone, he’s not your servant! Janice can be funny but she also has moments when she can be frustrating.”

Another said: “I’m really against Janice now. If Andy can’t weave then he can’t weave.”

Poor Andy!

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