Spotify has launched a TikTok swipe feed for your music and no one likes it

‘No one wants a TikTok 2.0’

Spotify is redesigning the home screen of its app to make it easier for users to find new music to listen to and watch. The new update and design goes heavy on imagery and vertical scrolling – loads of Spotify users are comparing it to TikTok and Instagram.

The new look was just announced and it’s clear Spotify wants to be known as more than just a music streaming app. Now Spotify has invested into podcasts, audiobooks, live audio and even more. Going forward, when you open Spotify you’ll see loads of album and playlist covers at the top. If you tap “Music” or “Podcast and Shows” you’ll be taken into a vertically scrolling feed that looks more like Instagram Stories or TikTok. You can flip through as many as you like, each one auto plays to give you a sense of what it is.

Here’s what Spotify users have to say about the new update

However not many people like the Spotify update. One person tweeted saying the new update was bad because Spotify removed being able to see the hearts on a track list.

Another person said “Spotify is so good at dropping terrible updates” for the same reason as above. The majority of people seem to be annoyed over the heart button being swapped for a check button.

The smart shuffle is also a point of discussion for Spotify users, with this person claiming Spotify is attempting to be a “TikTok 2.0.”

Someone else said: “Why is every app trying to become like TikTok?” With YouTube doing YouTube Shorts and now Spotify is rolling out the swipe feed.

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