Jeffree Star says James Charles ‘should be behind bars’ during a podcast appearance

The beauty community drama lives in my mind rent free

Jeffree Star has reignited his feud with James Charles by claiming James “deserves jail” during a podcast appearance.

Recently Jeffree Star has been appearing on podcasts and coming out with some outrageous things.

The beauty guru was shown a photo of James Charles on the BFFs podcast and was then asked to give the first thing that came into his head. After seeing the photo of James he says: “First thing that comes to mind is cell block A, prison…this person should be behind bars. I wish you could zoom in on the eyes, there’s no soul in that f** body…it’s so sociopathic and creepy.”

Very recently Jeffree Star faced backlash for his comments about trans and nonbinary people. During an episode of Taylor Lewan’s Bussin With The Boys podcast Jeffree Star criticised they/them pronouns and claimed to have gained a conservative following as a result of his views. He said: “I’m not into all the other bullshit. The ‘they’ and ‘them’ pronouns. And all that extra shit that we added during the pandemic because everyone was so bored in their fucking houses. They just started to make up more shit.”

James Charles on the other hand has just announced he’s dropping his own makeup brand after it being in the works for four years. His brand is called Painted and yesterday he released this trailer for it.

You can watch Jeffree’s full appearance on the BFFs podcast here.

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