It’s official! Being delusional is actually a good way of manifesting and here’s the proof

Ignorance is bliss and the key to being a girlboss apparently

There’s a new TikTok going around and it’s encouraging people to become a better version of themselves through the power of delusion and it’s great. Recently we had “lucky girl syndrome,” a form of manifestation through the power of telling yourself you are lucky and as a result you will get some good luck.

Delusion week is similar, it’s manifesting and just acting like you’re the baddest and an icon. Here’s everything we know about delusion week and how to be the best deluded version of yourself you can be.

What is delusion week from TikTok?

Delusion week encourages people to act like the hottest and most successful version of themselves for seven days.It’s about changing your lifestyle and daily habits to align with the version you want to be. The idea behind changing your habits for a full week is to show how success doesn’t happen overnight and it’s about being consistent.

Where did delusion week come from?

TikToker @kaylinmally originated the idea of delusion week. She first came up with it earlier this year, saying before she made any decision then she would consider what the best version of herself would do. A week later she posted the update claiming she felt “so powerful” thanks to delusion.


acting like the hottest most successful version of myself!!! #bedelusional #delusionweek #highestself #mindsetshift #luckygirlsyndrome

♬ original sound – Kaylin Mally

If one person isn’t convincing enough then TikToker @daniellewalter tried the challenge too and she also pointed out improvements in her life. She said she saved loads of money by not eating out as much as she used to and she felt better for waking up early and getting all those chores done.


@kaylinmally ✨ Wrapping up Delusion Week inspired by the iconic @kaylinmally 🤍 yall think we should go for a full month?? #personalgrowth #selfdevelopmenttips #selflovebestlove #grwmvlog #lifemotivation #femalemotivation #thingsilearned

♬ How`s Your Day – aAp Vision

How can I try delusion week?

Firstly you need to imagine the hottest and most successful version of yourself. Do they go for a run before work and eat breakfast instead of skipping it? Do they make time for skin care and saving money? Is the best version of you someone who likes spending time with friends and family or making sure they have loads of me-time?

Once you work out the best version of you then you’ll notice a change in habits during the week. It’s only seven days but could last way longer too.

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