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Influencer says if you don’t own a Lambo in your 20s, you need a serious talk with yourself

I’m getting the words: Small man syndrome

Not everyone can afford to have a boujee sports car, but according to 24-year-old Sebastian Ghiorghiu, if you don’t own a Lamborghini in your 20s then you need a serious chat with yourself.

Sebastian has over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube and in a podcast he said there are plenty of ways to make serious money. He says $200,000 is essentially pocket change.

Sebastian has a humble 118,000 followers on Instagram, so let’s take a deep dive into his inspirational and totally not wanky profile!!

His most recent post is him with…a Lambo

via @sebb on Instagram

What makes this more preachy is his caption that reads: “If my dad paid for the Lambo I would’ve never worked at Taco Bell.” Get a life Seb, I appreciate working hard but this lecturing is not it.

The comments are purely full of laughing emojis to be honest and people straight up questioning how much Taco Bell pays and if it is enough to earn a Lambo.

He claims to be at his desk, working by 7:30am

Seb is trying to tell us he’s even in his SHOES at 7:30am working on his Mac? Also can I say his working is having a picture of a car on his screen as well as WhatsApp too – very, very hard at work.

He’s had a photoshoot with a gun

This isn’t shocking, at all.

‘What was dad like at 22?’ *Posts picture of fancy car*

You’re telling me the only thing he can say about himself at 22-years-old is that he owns a fancy car?? Take that car away and what have we got?

His Instagram is full of pictures exactly like these with self-promotional quotes about how cool it is being 20-something and owning fast cars. You can see it for yourself here.

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