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Everyone is morphing their face with their celebrity lookalike on TikTok, here’s how

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The face morph filter is doing the rounds again on TikTok and everyone is sharing their own faces blended with a celebrity lookalike. Over recent years, face morphing has become so popular – it walked so AI could run.

The TikTok face morph filter is just one of those things which will always be popular and it will never die. It’s a filter that allows you to transition between several photos containing someone’s face. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t look like the celebrity you want to morph into, the filter does all the work for you through some face-recognition technology. The filter detects faces in photos and when it transitions between photos, it is seamless. Here’s a rundown of how to get the filter and make your own iconic celebrity look alike content.

This is how to get the TikTok face morph filter


Face-morphed with peeps you say I look like…i think i need to try it again HAHAHA WHO DO I LOOK LIKE!? #FYP #foryou #facemorphing

♬ sonido original – SweahBABA

• Open up TikTok

• Tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner

• Search for “morph filter”

• Click the first video you see using the filter – it should be a split screen with someone and a celebrity

• Tap the filter in the bottom left corner

• You’ll then get asked if you want to make your own

• Find a photo of the celebrity you want to morph into

• Add the photo from your camera roll into TikTok and get morphing


Wow, we’re twins! 💃 😃 #facemorphing #funwithfilters #wednesdayaddams #joyblznartooni

♬ sonido original – user11144894608

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