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YouTuber Colleen Ballinger has lost 30k subscribers following the grooming allegations

Colleen is yet to speak about her controversy

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, aka Miranda Sings, has lost 30,000 subscribers on YouTube following serious grooming and bullying allegations made against her by a former fan.

Ballinger has been accused of grooming, manipulating and bullying underage fans. These allegations first arose in 2020 when a former fan, Adam McIntyre released a video on YouTube calling out her behaviour.

In his original video, Adam described Ballinger’s behaviour as toxic and inappropriate. He was initially met with backlash as fans of Colleen Ballinger came forward to defend her.

However with more information coming to light, the allegations resurfaced again. Last week he posted another video exposing conversations he had with Colleen Ballinger.

Alleged conversations taken from a group chat that McIntyre and Ballinger were both a part of included Ballinger asking for an “ass” photo, asking female fans to describe their first period, and making fun of a fan who got a tattoo of her.

Adam also claimed the YouTuber including inviting him to visit her whilst she toured in Dublin. She left him alone after giving the wrong instructions on where to go.

Adam also claimed Colleen Ballinger would love bomb him and use praise to encourage him running her social media accounts. A particular post that Adam made on Ballinger’s behalf received backlash for queerbaiting.

According to Social Blade, Colleen Ballinger has lost 30,000 subscribers in the last week since events unfolded.

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