Calling time on these annoying British TikTokers and their embarassing brand of influencing

Max Balegde trying to ruin Ekin-Su’s red carpet moment was so cringey

This country is really scraping the barrel for what it means to be a good influencer. We used to be a proper country, a real country. Now we have the likes of Max Balegde, the Baggs brothers, GK Barry and Max’s boyfriend Andrew, who are quite frankly, killing the fun for those of us watching.

The Barbie premier unleashed a whole new level of embarrassment from them. So let’s have a rundown of the highlights starting with the main event, Max Balegde trying to upstage Ekin-Su.

Max Balegde trying to ruin Ekin-Su’s red carpet moment was so embarrassing

You can’t tell me this wasn’t on purpose because it so evidently was. He thought he ate as well, walking around God-Su with a smug look on his face. The reactions on Twitter have been all saying the same thing, one person wrote: “He is the ultimate ‘pick me,’ desperate for attention, thinks he’s so much more famous than he is. How did he even think he could out-shine the amazing Ekin-Su?”

They purposefully get in the way behind A-listers

Max Balegde and Joe Baggs were both papped behind Margot Robbie and before they even had a chance to post it onto TikTok I already knew they’d do the classic video where they green screen it, turn on the fake water works and act like they’ve been violated to the highest degree. It’s giving “I stood behind Margot Robbie for five minutes pulling a face so I could be papped and then post it for views.”

They always act like they don’t belong at premiers despite being invited

“Ugh, guyssss! What am I even doing here? I shouldn’t be here!” No, you shouldn’t. But for some reason you’ve been invited so I beg you just act like an adult and behave yourself rather than running wild trying to force all your content.

The partners of the influencers who just ride the tail coats

What happens if you break up, may I ask? Do you just carry on with TikTok knowing you fully quit your full-time job to make more content with your more famous partner??

‘My outfit didn’t turn up! I’ve had to throw this together!!’

For the premier, loads of TikTokers were trying to gain sympathy by telling their followers their designer outfits were running late or didn’t turn up. When will Z-listers stop behaving like this?? We get it, you’ve got an outfit made for you but there’s no need to act like you haven’t thought of a backup option that is probably just as boujie as the original plan. You didn’t just throw together your gorgeous dress and matching bag, hoops and shoes – you’re not fooling anyone.

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