This is the context behind the ‘ludicrously capacious bag’ meme all over your Twitter right now

‘The ludicrously capacious bag has been found dead in a ditch’

Everyone is talking about a ludicrously capacious bag on Twitter right now and people are only realising it’s from Succession. The show is back for the final season and in the first episode we saw Greg bring his date (Bridget) to Logan’s birthday. Bridget has no idea on how the other half live and just how boujie these elites are. The fact she is out of her depth is shown by the bag she brings and how hard Tom rips into it.

Tom declares Bridget’s bag is “ludicrously capacious” and now Twitter can’t get over it. So here’s the context behind the ludicrously capacious bag meme on Twitter and why it’s such a big deal.

The ‘ludicrously capacious bag’ is a $2,900 Burberry bag

Tom immediately clocks Bridget as an outsider and one of her biggest tells is the $2,900 Burberry bag she carries. In short, he thinks the bag is tacky to carry in the context of the billionaire elite circle.

The bag in question is the Burberry Medium Tile Vintage Check Two-Handle bag, which is fairly large and has the iconic Burberry print.

Now people on Twitter are using “ludicrously capacious” as a go-to catchphrase for all things you can’t associate yourself with.

But to be fair to Bridget, her bag isn’t the worst that film and TV have ever seen. As Twitter user @alex_abads points out, the Louis Vuitton bag Carrie gifts her assistant in the first Sex and the City movie is pure hell. It’s potentially even considered the ugliest bag in cinematic history.

Other people are even relating it to current pop culture and the bag Gwyneth Paltrow bought to court recently. This bag and every other bad bag in cinematic history is everywhere right now and people aren’t letting it go.

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