Here’s how ridiculously long it would have taken Joe to walk around London in episode one

Let’s not forget the detour through Shoreditch

Season four of YOU on Netflix has got Londoners talking about how Joe Goldberg literally does the unthinkable and walks from Egham in Surrey to South Kensington and then to Shoreditch.

In part one, we see Joe leaving work, Darcy College, and walking to his flat in Knightsbridge and taking the route through Shoreditch on the way home. Now to anyone from London, this is absurd and unhinged. Knowing in real life that Darcy College is in fact Royal Holloway in Egham, Surrey, makes this way more wild. But thanks to the power of science, and by science I mean Citymapper, here’s how long it actually would have taken Joe Goldberg to walk from Egham through Shoreditch and to South Kensington.

YOU season four filming locations

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Okay, let’s start with Joe leaving work and taking a detour through Shoreditch

Right so this walk, where Joe doesn’t even break a sweat is seconds long thanks to the power of television. But in reality it would have taken Joe 473 minutes which is 7.8 hours. The total distance is 23.1 miles which would roughly take eight hours.

But of course we have public transport so to get to Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch Joe would have had to take the 500 bus going towards Staines to Egham train station. Then jump on the train and get off at Waterloo which is roughly 45 minutes long. Then after that he would’ve had to get on the Waterloo and City line eastbound to Bank and do a nice 15 minute walk to Spitalfields Market.

Spitalfields Market back to Joe’s flat in South Kensington

Now this part of his journey was much easier for Joe, but still would have taken him over two hours to walk. From Spitalfields Market to Kynance Mews in South Kensington is 6.8 miles which after doing that eight hour walk from Egham would have been rough. Thankfully there are other options like an E-Scooter, Uber or even a simple ride on the tube from Aldgate East going westbound to Gloucester Road.

So let’s get this straight, this entire walk would have taken Joe over 10 whole hours to complete. His legs would have been absolutely broken after that.

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