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Meet Yan Yan Chan: Harry Styles’ new rumoured girlfriend and Australian model

Our chance will come soon, girlies x

Australian fashion model Yan Yan Chan is currently all anyone is talking about after rumours surfaced claiming she and Harry Styles are currently dating. Sources have claimed he slid into her DMs, can you even imagine opening Instagram to see a message from the god that is Harry Styles? I would collapse.

Here’s everything we know about the rumoured relationship between Harry Styles and influencer Yan Yan Chan and what you need to know about her.

Who is Yan Yan Chan and what is she famous for?

Yan Yan Chan is 28-years-old, she was born on 28th September 1994 in Hong Kong, China. She’s best known for her fashion website and modelling work. She moved to Sydney in Australia where she began her fashion modelling career. Her net worth is reportedly over $1million.

Yan Yan Chan posts loads on social media too, her Instagram feed is full of photos of her outfits. With over 212,000 followers she is known for her simple and stylish vibe.

Outside of fashion and modelling, Yan Yan Chan is also a successful blogger. She started when she was 16-years-old and claims her follower base grew organically. Since then she’s grown on to become a popular influencer and established model.

Yan Yan Chan is rumoured to be dating Harry Styles

A few months ago, Harry Styles reportedly broke up with his previous partner Olivia Wilde. Since then rumours surfaced about his latest girlfriend after they pair were spotted at Byron Bay in Australia. The couple have followed each other on social media since 2020 but have only recently been spending time together.

Yan Yan Chan is also friends with Georgia Fowler, who dated Harry Styles back in 2015

Georgia Fowler is reportedly the inspiration behind Harry Styles’ song Kiwi. She’s a New Zealand model who married her husband Nathan Dalah earlier this year. She and Yan Yan Chan have worked together starring in a modelling shoot back in 2021.

She went to Harry Styles’ Sydney show and was in the gold-class glass box

Yan Yan Chan and Harry Styles romance rumours first sparked when she attended his Sydney show and was in the gold-class corporate box. A source told Daily Mail Australia how their relationship started and apparently Harry slid into her DMs – can you imagine?

Harry Styles slid into Yan Yan Chan’s DMs and invited her to an afterparty

According to this source, Harry invited her to a private afterparty out in Australia. The pair also have several mutual contacts. One of them being Kendall Jenner – another Harry Styles ex!!

You can follow Yan Yan Chan on Instagram here.

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