These 33 YOU season four memes are almost as memorable as Joe Goldberg’s hot dad beard

The Cardi B scene was iconic

The first part of YOU season four dropped on Netflix last week and the past few days have been wild. Everything we ever knew about Joe Goldberg and how he operates as a stalker/killer has been flipped on its head and now he’s the one being hunted.

And on top of that, Joe has grown an unbelievably even and fantastic bear and is looking more hot than ever. The audience have also met a group of London elites who are actually incredibly insufferable but impossible to not watch. Here are the best memes and reactions to season four of YOU, part one.

1. A hard slay

2. They are so posh it hurts

3. Lmao

4. I need killer Joe back on my screen

5. No thoughts, head empty x

6. Joe was so real for this

7. I need this energy back

8. Looool an unhinged slay

— Holli 🍉 (@Holliaietan) February 9, 2023

— YOU (@YouNetflix) February 12, 2023

10. Adam wears this under every single shirt

11. Joe Goldberg has us in a chokehold

12. ‘The lack of mother in the air’ HAHA

13. WHY?

14. He’s actually comedy gold

15. Trauma thinking about the toes

16. We all thought Joe did it, right?

17. He walks SO far for a man with no toes

18. It’s the best thing about this season

19. Season three was actually unmatched

20. They’re insufferable

21. How did he get this job??

22. Hahaha

23. Why’s it up for debate, Joe??

24. Kate is the new hot priest

25. If only they were

26. So sick…give us more

27. True

28. Pure laughs

29. The beard is an unpaid actor!

30. Facts

31. Jonathan Moore is loving life

32. I need Love Quinn to come back and finish what she started

33. Some of you are too faithful to this man

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