Two TikTokers offered Sam from Love Actually a date but didn’t realise who he was

I’d simply want the ground to swallow me whole

Recently on TikTok, app users have been going up to strangers and asking if they’d like £100 or to go on a date. Now two TikTokers, Ruby Hexx and Ivy Fox are getting ripped into after failing to clock who they were speaking to in a viral video.

Ruby and Ivy unknowingly walked up to Thomas Brodie-Sangster, aka Sam from Love Actually, and asked him their question: “Would you rather $100 or date us two?”

Thomas, who is dating Elon Musk’s ex Talulah Riley, answered: “Oh, I’m in a relationship so I’d take the $100. No offence.” The two girls laughed and walked away as Thomas said: “But I’m also English so dollars are no use to me. So I’d have neither.”


He was so sweet, i hope his gf sees this!@IVY FOX 🦊 😭 #thomasbrodiesangster

♬ original sound – Ruby Hexx

Ivy and Ruby should have just continued to walk away and not look back because their next move made things even worse. Clearly something clicked in their brain telling them he’s got a famous face but they failed to identify Thomas correctly. They asked him if he was in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, confusing him for Skander Keynes.

Thomas replied: “No. I went to the premiere but I wasn’t in it.”

Naturally the comments ripped into both Ruby and Ivy saying they were silly for not realising who he was.

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