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The tampon video and Kory deleting his Twitter: All of the Colleen Ballinger scandal updates

He shared a video Colleen sent her fans of putting a tampon into her mouth

The Colleen Ballinger and Adam McIntyre drama started three years ago when Adam made allegations against Colleen in a series of YouTube videos. Adam has also made new videos recently, one claimed Ballinger “used” him to get content ideas, overshared details of her personal life and that she and her best friend, Kory, sent Adam lingerie.

Adam eventually became Ballinger’s social media manager but was removed when he posted a tweet she got backlash for. Now even more people are coming forward with claims against Ballinger. One YouTuber called @kodeerants posted a video confirming a lot of what Adam originally said. Adam then responded to this video and shared screenshots between himself and Colleen Ballinger and a group chat she was in with several other young people from her fan base.

Here are all the developments we know in the Colleen Ballinger and Adam McIntyre controversy

Just last week, Adam McIntyre posted a nearly two-hour long video discussing what had happened. He goes on to share numerous messages from the “weenies” group chat, including a video of Colleen Ballinger inserting a tampon into her mouth and claiming she wasn’t high.

Adam claims Ballinger would make fun of “cringey” fans behind the scenes. He also shared inappropriate messages which he claims are from Kory, sent to another chat called “Kory’s Klit.” One of these messages included a voice note where a voice Adam alleges to be Kory tells the chat he “loves them all so much” and considers them to be his best friends.

On June 6th, another YouTuber posted a video of comments asking about the situation on Ballinger’s live podcast with Trisha Paytas being deleted in real time, seemingly in an attempt to avoid addressing rumours. On this same day, Kory DeSoto deleted his Twitter account.

As of right now, Ballinger has lost over 30,000 subscribers on her Colleen Vlogs YouTube channel. And another episode of her podcast with Trisha Paytas is yet to uploaded online.

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