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‘I’m going to sue you’: QTCinerella and Atrioc deepfake porn scandal explained

Other female Twitch streamers have spoken out about the AI videos made of them

On 30th January 2023, Twitch streamer Atrioc came under fire after getting caught purchasing explicit deepfakes of several high-profile female broadcasters. Several of the women affected by the website he purchased from have spoken out against deepfakes. One of these women is QTCinderella, who notably promised to sue the site’s creator in a tearful livestream.

QTCinderella also tweeted: “I want to scream. Stop. Everybody fucking stop. Stop spreading it. Stop advertising it. Stop. Being seen ‘naked’ against your will should not be a part of this job. Thank you to all the male internet ‘journalists’ reporting on this issue. Fucking losers.”

Atrioc has apologised following the QTCinderella deepfake drama

Atrioc gave a tearful apology on a livestream after the situation was revealed. He said it was “gross” and “so embarrassing.”

QTCinderella promises to sue the founder of the deepfake website for the AI video

AQCinderella claimed she would sue the founder of the deepfake video in her livestream where she opened up with fans on the negative and emotional impact the site was taking on her mental health. She said: “It should not be part of my job to have to pay money to get this stuff taken down. And to the person who made that website? I’m going to fucking sue you. I promise you. With every part of my soul, I’m going to sue you.”

Ethan Klein has been called out for laughing at QT’s emotional video

Popular YouTuber Ethan Klein reacted to QT’s statement about the website in an episode of the H3 podcast that same day. During the stream, Ethan told one of his technicians to play a slow-down version of Nat King Cole’s Christmas song, causing him to burst into laughter.

Straight away Ethan Klein had negative backlash from his video and his own crew. He apologised for laughing and claimed that he supported QT during her ongoing situation. Since then he uploaded a separate video addressing the issue and directly apologised to QTCinderella. He explained: “During that video, I made the really unfortunate and stupid decision to play this stupid soundbyte of this guy singing, ‘chestnuts over an open fire.’ The problem was, then I started laughing while her heartfelt, really serious was going on. Clearly, you can imagine the dichotomy of those two things was not good. It was not good, because one, I actually really respect QT. I think she’s a really talented and great creator. I think the pain she’s experiencing is 100 per cent valid. That’s the part that kind of sucks for me the most is that someone who I actually really want to support may have felt worse in an already difficult situation because of my careless and very inappropriate and gross and stupid behaviour.”

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