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This TikToker found her ‘drama sofa’ on the pavement in NYC and now it’s become a viral meme

If I see this blue sofa one more time I’ll scream

You’ve probably seen on either Twitter or TikTok that a New Yorker found her “dream couch” on the side of the road and she took it home. The original blue couch TikTok has had millions of views and everyone seems to be weighing in on the famous couch and how the hell it’s worth $8,000.

TikToker Amanda Joy posted the video of what she believed was the Bubble sofa from Roche Bobois on Saturday last weekend. Those who know the French brand were second guessing whether the blue couch was actually authentic or not and some even called it fake based on their analyses of it. However now the meme has made its way over to Twitter and everyone is churning out some truly excellent content. So, here are a bunch of blue couch memes that I picked up for about $8k off the pavement in New York.

One user pointed out the obvious: “Y’all are mentioning everything besides the fact that blue couch is ugly.”

Someone else said: “I wish you could change the channel on Twitter if you didn’t like the discourse that was happening. Like we still on the episode of the big blue sidewalk couch?” Yes, yes we are.

The blue couch has seemingly etched itself into the memory of everyone with the amount of times it’s been on the timeline.

Other people, however, are taking the memes in a fresh direction. One person said: “Just threw away my dogshit blue couch that cost me $1,” hinting at the fact this TikToker quite possibly picked up a fake one and now we’re all laughing at her.

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