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Omg! MAFS Australia’s Janelle says she and Jesse would have worked out if they got married

‘He’s been pretty vocal that I am his type as well’

Married at First Sight Australia’s Janelle Han has just dropped the bombshell that she and Jesse are “more than friends.”

Janelle said they both “trauma bonded” after their partners on the show cheated on them with each other. Janelle has admitted she and Jesse kissed but they didn’t explore their relationship any further as she moved from Perth to Sydney and he still lives in Western Australia.

During an appearance on Back to Reality podcast with Al Perkins and Taku Chimwaza, Janelle admitted she has a crush on Jesse. She said: “There was a moment before I left for Sydney that me and Jesse were hanging out heaps, it was at the peak of when the cheating scandal came out and potentially it was a trauma bond but we grew very close and we did share one peck.”

Then we got fed more detail on what kind of kiss it was, the iconic MAFS bride said there was “no tongue.” She said: “There was a period where we both definitely liked each other, I was drunk one night and I told him that I had a low-key crush on him. But he’s been pretty vocal that I am his type as well, so it wasn’t weird territory.

“We just knew that I was moving to Sydney and he was staying in Perth so it just wasn’t worth exploring anything.”

Janelle did admit if the pair had been partnered together on the show, she thinks they would have had a good shot at working out.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

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