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Debunked: Why is everybody ‘deinfluencing’ on TikTok right now and what does it even mean?

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Loads of creators on TikTok treat the app like a marketplace, attempting to flog their audience stuff left, right and centre. But now TikToks have been cropping up telling people what they shouldn’t be buying and it’s created a whole new trend. It’s called “deinfluencing” and suddenly it is everywhere all at once. So here’s everything we know about “deinfluencing” and what it means to be a “deinfluencing influencer”

What is ‘deinfluencing?’

Right, “deinfluencing” is a term that’s been recently coined by TikTok creators who are urging viewers not to buy something, or calling criticism to popular products. Influencers are known to create a hype around a product, even they’re not convinced it works themselves. Deinfluencers are breaking that rhythm and telling people what they shouldn’t be buying or what is being overhyped – it’s brutal.

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One TikToker literally said one product wasn’t worth their money and now the hashtag has over 95 million views. “Deinfluencing” can be applied to anywhere online as well, not just TikTok, but it is mostly found within the beauty community.


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TikToker Alyssa Kromelis posted a video last week and said: “Here are all the things I will deinfluence you from buying as somebody that spends thousands of dollars on health, beauty, hair products, but loves to save a buck.” She then listed a bunch of cheaper dupes, for example she says instead of dropping a load of money on the Dyson Air Wrap, these Amazon hair curlers are just as good. She calls it “recession-core influencing.” In an interview with Insider, Alyssa said: “I think these big, rich influencers constantly showing their fancy new shoes, handbags, haircare products can make the average viewer feel incredibly uncool or like they’re falling out of trend. Most people can’t afford to buy every single thing that goes viral, but they want to feel like they belong and and fit in.”

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