Perfect Match dating web: A rundown of who has dated who outside of the show

This is a mess

The first few episodes of Perfect Match have dropped on Netflix and things are getting messy. Within the first episode connections are built and we quickly learnt that there were a few faces in there who were familiar with one another on the outside. So, because we all need to keep up somehow, here is a rundown of all the dating connections between the Perfect Match cast that happened pre filming.

Francesca Farago and Damian Powers have a history

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Francesca Farago was originally on season one of Too Hot To Handle and Damian Powers featured on the first season of Love Is Blind. Rumours first started circulating saying the pair were dating back in August 2020 after they were photographed by paparazzi. Damian was thought to be in a relationship with Giannina Gibelli who he met on Love Is Blind, but then Damian denied dating Francesca and claimed the pair were just out to dinner with friends.

However, when Love Is Blind: After the Altar aired, Damian was seen having lunch with Francesca and invited her to the show’s reunion party despite working on his relationship with Giannina at the time. Francesca went to the party and it was so awkward, the pair ended up having a heated chat over Damian not telling Francesca about the seriousness of his relationship with Giannina at the time.

Joey Sasso admits to his history with both Francesca and Kariselle

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Joey Sasso’s history with Francesca Farago and Kariselle Snow is revealed early on in the first episode of Perfect Match. Joey admits he and Francesca have slept together before as well as having an on and off relationship with Kariselle.

Shayne Jansen has had chats with Ines before the show

In the first few episodes of Perfect Match, Shayne immediately hits it off with Ines and we later learn the pair shared a few messages after Love Is Blind season two dropped and he was posting on his social media about not liking how he was portrayed on the show.

Georgia and Izzy kissed on season two of Too Hot To Handle

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In episode two of the second season, Georgia proves she can break the rules on her own terms and she kisses Izzy. This whole situation was so weird though and involved a lot of the men fetishising them both as soon as it was revealed a guy and girl didn’t break the rules.

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