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Explained: What is the April theory from TikTok and is it an actual thing?

The first three months of the year are essentially a trial shift

April theory is the new trend going around on TikTok and I can’t escape it. From January to March, we’re living in a trial shift for the year and nothing counts. It’s winter and we’re all skint – it’s horrible. But now the final days of March are over, we’ve made it past the April Fools’ Day cringe and we’re in the midst of living out the April theory. Here’s everything we know about it.

What is the April theory from TikTok?

The theory isn’t new, we’ve always been subconsciously living it but now it’s got a name and everything. TikTok user @vaatsalya.c claims the theory is all to do with the start of a new month which coincides with the start of spring. April brings happiness, new energy, passion, better mental health and it’s all down to people leaving the dark wintery months behind.


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The April theory also affects couples. It suggests there are more breakups as people start new eras in their life. But also April marks the end of cuffing season as we all get ready and waxed to embark on the journey to having a hot girl summer. Some TikTokers have also said this is the time when old flames come back into the picture too.

Essentially, it’s all about starting a new era and we LOVE that for us.

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