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MAFS Australia’s Alyssa has spoken out after Duncan confirms new relationship with Evelyn

‘The editing almost gave me more doubts about the entire relationship’

Alyssa Barmonde has broken her silence and made a statement about her time on Married at First Sight Australia and her ex-husband Duncan James.

In an interview with Hello! at the launch of a new dating app, Alyssa spoke about how tough she found watching the series due to feeling “edited” by the producers.

Alyssa said: “I’m just grateful that it’s over and to have my voice back and for people to see that I’m a normal person and a loving mother. I do wish the best for Duncan and his future relationship, but the person portrayed on TV is definitely not me.”

Speaking to the magazine in more detail about how she felt about her portrayal on TV, Alyssa added: “It’s been hard watching it back specifically because of how the story went, which is not how I remember it.”

She continued: “The editing almost gave me more doubts about the entire relationship. Because then I started thinking back and I think there was the time when the experts asked him if it was a concern that my child would be a priority. And in real life, he said ‘Yes, it’s a concern’, but then they edited him to say ‘No, it’s not a concern’ and I thought ‘I can’t do this anymore.'”

Alyssa and Duncan married on the show but after several ups and downs in their relationship he ended things at the final vow ceremony. Since then Duncan has moved on with their co-star Evelyn Ellis. The new couple confirmed their relationship on 9Entertainment earlier this week.

Since Duncan and Evelyn made their announcement, Alyssa has partnered with a new dating app for single parents. A queen move!

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