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Here are The Ultimatum: Queer Love original couples because we’ve all lost track at this point

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The new season of The Ultimatum: Queer Love is finally here and the couples are iconic. Netflix’s latest dating series dropped the first four episodes earlier this week and introduced us to the five new couples made up of women and non-binary people, all at a crossroad in their relationship.

In The Ultimatum: Queer Love, the couples have eight weeks to decide if they wish to marry one another or split. Each couple consists of one partner who is ready to marry and another who has doubts. After the ultimatum is issued, each individual will choose a new partner for a three-week trial marriage. Then they’ll re-enter their original relationship for three more weeks and decide what they want to do going forward. Anyway, here’s a rundown of the original couples.

Mildred Wood and Tiff Der

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Mildred who is 33 and uses she/her pronouns issued the ultimatum to her partner Tiff who is 32 and uses they/them pronouns.

Yoly Rojas and Mal Wright

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34-year-old Yoly issued the ultimatum to her 36-year-old partner, Mal. Yoly uses she/her pronouns while Mal uses she/her/they.

Sam Mark and Aussie Chau

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Sam, who uses she/her pronouns, issued the ultimatum to her partner Aussie who uses Aussie.

Xander Boger and Vanessa Papa

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Xander uses she/her/they pronouns and gives the ultimatum to Vanessa who uses she/her. Both Xander and Vanessa are 30-years-old.

Lexi Goldberg and Rae Cheung-Sutton

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Lexi and Rae are the youngest out of the couples on The Ultimatum: Queer Love. Lexi, who is 25-years-old, gave the ultimatum to 27-year-old Rae. Both Lexi and Rae use she/her pronouns.

The Ultimatum: Queer Love is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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