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There’s a high likelihood you’ll never see these Liam and Tommy boxing memes again

I am roaring

The day Liam Payne lays his hands on Tommy Fury will be the day Twitter combusts and last night it got scarily close. Liam Payne and Tommy Fury both posted a boxing match-esque promo picture and all hell broke loose. Hand jokes were being slung around left, right and centre and it was iconic.

But unfortunately Liam and Tommy aren’t boxing each other. They’re both taking part in Soccer Aid’s football match between England and Soccer Aid World XI FC. Liam is representing England and Tommy is playing for Soccer Aid – it’s all a little bit iconic.

The reaction last night was wild and the memes were just as good as you think they’d be. So, don’t tell Liam, but I’ve used my hands and pulled together the best ones for you to see here.

1. All I can say is good luck Tommy

2. Him having a child with Cheryl is wild

3. Someone had to make the edit

4. He’s not real

5. Omg

6. Same

7. Is life even real? What’s happening?

8. Strip that down haha

9. Spoiler footage!

10. I need to know what Molly-Mae thinks

11. Imagine if he doesn’t though

12. Someone make it STOP


14. I haven’t stopped laughing at the idea of it since

15. Weird vibes

16. Ffs

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