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Jeffree Star calls Colleen Ballinger ‘sick’ and admits he doesn’t speak to her

Not Eugenia Cooney piping up! Are we back in 2011?

We are two weeks into the Colleen Ballinger controversy after an ex-fan came forward with accusations claiming she was a bully and groomed members of her fan base.

Yesterday, Jeffree Star did a TikTok live stream with Rich Lux and Eugenia Cooney and discussed Colleen Ballinger’s presence online.

He said he doesn’t read drama online anymore and doesn’t know what is going on with her but he has “never met her, never followed her and never gave a dame about her.”


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Jeffree Star continued: “I am horrified by the things I have seen. Honestly, I know we’re all joking around and having fun but like, that person is sick. I have never been a fan – so I was very shocked to see all that. That’s my official quote to Rich Lux.”

Eugenia Cooney added: “It’s so scary that there are some people on the internet who are doing such horrible things.”

What the hell is even happening?

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